Central Austin Sports Rehab For Runners To Reduce Knee Pain | Treatments Updated

The Central Austin clinic, led by Dr. Bob Meyer, has updated its therapeutics treatments for active individuals and athletes suffering from chronic or periodic and acute knee pain. The center treats all knee-related injuries, including ACL tears, MCL/LCL strains, and Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Jumper’s knee, for example, refers to inflammation and tears in the patellar tendon while runner’s knee is a common name for PFPS, a syndrome caused by incongruent movement patterns.

More information can be found at https://spinalrehabsportsmedicine.com

With advanced therapies and custom rehabilitation programs, Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine is now able to help active people recover better and more quickly from crippling injuries that cause chronic and acute knee discomfort, limiting their mobility. As a leader in sports medicine technology with an extensive range of equipment, the clinic provides cutting-edge treatments, such as Halo Magnetic Resonance Therapy and Tissue Regeneration Therapy (TRT).

A September 2022 survey of American adults who have been treated for chronic knee pain and/or osteoarthritis in the knee found that almost four in ten individuals were under the age of 50, pointing – in part – to the prevalence of sports-related injuries to the knee. Aside from the expected consequences – poor sleep, difficulties at work, for example – over 90% of respondents claimed that the debilitating pain made them shun social events altogether.

As a consulting chiropractor to the University of Texas Athletic Department since 2003, Dr. Meyer – ‘Dr. Bob’ as he is known – is intimately familiar with all sports-related injuries, and knows that effective treatments depend on an understanding of the patient’s entire case history. Accordingly, the clinic performs a thorough physical and biomechanical exam before developing a therapy program in consultation with the patient.

Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine approaches each patient with the goal of healing him or her in both the short term and the long term. To mitigate joint inflammation, reduce pain, and expedite soft tissue healing the clinic may employ laser, ultrasound, and/or regeneration therapies. Additionally, the rehabilitation program will help patients improve their strength, endurance, and balance – allowing them to return to their active lifestyles and prevent future injuries.

One patient a couple of weeks ago commented: “Dr. Bob and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and efficient. Guided me step by step on the what and why of the treatments being done and how to work together to fix it. I would highly recommend to not only athletes but to all to see.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://spinalrehabsportsmedicine.com

Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine
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1301 S Capital of Texas Hwy
Bldg A-240
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SecuX Hack-Proof Hardware Crypto Wallet For Corporate Traders Now Available

The Crypto Merchant has announced the availability of the SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet, a secure device designed to store and manage cryptocurrencies. The wallet is intended for use by corporate traders and businesses, who often handle large amounts of digital assets and need to ensure their security.

More details can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/collections/hardware-wallets/products/secux-w20-hardware-wallet

One of the key features of the newly available SecuX W20 is its high level of security. It uses a combination of hardware and software security measures to protect against hacking and unauthorized access. The wallet is equipped with a military-grade secure element chip, which stores the private keys and ensures that they cannot be accessed by anyone other than the user. For extra security, the device prevents keystroke monitoring using a randomized digital keypad.

The SecuX W20 is also designed to be user-friendly and convenient to use. It has a compact and portable design, making it easy to carry around and use on the go. The wallet is compatible with a range of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, and can be used with over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

In addition to its security and convenience features, the SecuX W20 also provides accessibility options for corporate traders and businesses. It has a built-in touchscreen display, allowing users to easily view their balances and transaction history, and supports fully secured online transactions. The wallet also includes a recovery function compliant with BIP44, BIP32, and BIP39, allowing users to recover their funds in the event that they lose access to their wallets.

The Crypto Merchant explains that the SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet is one of the most flexible and efficient secure crypto storage tools for corporate traders and businesses looking to securely manage and store their digital assets.

With the latest update, the e-store continues to expand its range of high-quality crypto security solutions for high-volume traders looking for ultra-secured crypto storage.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com

The Crypto Merchant
[email protected]
609 South Ridgewood Avenue

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Hyperoxygenated Nasal Hygiene Spray For Pathogen Invasion Reduction Launched

The new ‘Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy’ infusion contains 500 sprays of stabilized active oxygen, as well as immunity-boosting trace minerals such as zinc and selenium.

More information is available at https://iamoxygen.com/product/defender-nasal-hygiene-therapy

IamOxygen’s recently added soothing liquid concentrate has been created based on recent research on the promising potential of oxygen, ozone, and bio-oxidative therapies to be used to alleviate irritation in the mucus membranes and reduce congestion.

The spray uses a proprietary formula designed to boost oxygen molecule density within the nostrils and sinuses. By hyper-oxygenating these nasal passages, the spray prevents the anaerobic toxins, which would otherwise cause irritation, from thriving.

As such, it can curtail pathogenic invasion and bacterial replication processes that lead to inflammation and dryness. The pH-balancing spray also hydrates and enhances the protective mucus membranes that support healthy nasal flora.

Containing 350,000pm of active oxygen concentrate, the nasal hygiene product opens up the sinuses for easier respiration. Alongside reducing the adhesion of bad actors, it neutralizes free radicals and combats the collection of fungi, pollen, dust, and allergens to promote a healthy nasal biome.

The Defender can be spritzed into the nostrils at least twice a day, morning and night, to soothe inflammation and discomfort caused by cold, flu, and rhinitis symptoms or to flush out allergens and soothe dryness related to hay fever. IamOxygen says that the product can also be used in medical spas after treatments to cleanse nasal passages and alleviate dryness, as well as for on-the-go irritation relief.

About IamOxygen

IamOxygen produces natural, organic, and vegan facial mists, nasal sprays, and concentrates as alternatives to chemically-derived cleansing products. Using 100% cruelty-free methods, its products are made in a US-based GMP facility under strict quality control regulations.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Proper nasal hygiene is just as important as washing your hands and brushing your teeth… your nose is an ideal environment for germs to multiply and cause illness. IamOxygen is completely natural, fast-acting and extremely effective.”

More information can be found by visiting http://iamoxygen.com

[email protected]

221 25th Street

United States

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IAmOxygen Natural Bio-Oxidative Spray For Gum Health & Teeth Whitening Launched

Infusion is a liquid solution of purified, readily available oxygen designed for health-conscious individuals looking to boost their overall energy, bolster their immune systems, and support the body’s detoxification processes.

More details are available at http://iamoxygen.com

The release of IAmOxygen’s latest product expands the company’s range of all-natural, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly products, which currently include skincare solutions and nasal hygiene therapies.

Infusion consists of 350,000 PPM (parts per million) of bioavailable, stabilized, active oxygen. It is made using a proprietary process that excises hydrogen from the water molecule so only oxygen remains. A pure saline solution keeps the oxygen molecules from dissipating and gives the product a long-term, two-year shelf-life.

“Oxygen has an antibacterial effect thanks to its ability to release reactive oxygen species (ROS) compounds,” a company spokesperson explained. “These compounds are extremely toxic, as they degrade cellular membranes and cause death of pathogenic microorganisms.” Thus, oxygen can support the rejuvenation of cells by encouraging nutrient assimilation and by neutralizing and removing toxic, disease-causing agents.

Other benefits of Infusion include assistance with muscle recovery, improved mental clarity, improved gum health, and optimizing tissues’ blood oxygen levels to prevent disease. The product is 100 percent natural, chemical-free, non-toxic, and completely produced without cruelty to animals. Infusion uses highly bioavailable oxygen to enhance its effectiveness.

IAmOxygen is an e-commerce company in the holistic health space that promotes the science and health benefits of bio-oxidative, ozone, and oxygen therapies. To help consumers make environmentally wise choices, the company is also committed to using 90 percent plastic-free packaging and to converting all their plastic applicators to hemp by 2025.

A satisfied customer has said: “I love this product. I test my oxygen levels with a finger oximeter, and when I use the product, it gives me three to four points within minutes. This product is amazing if you need higher blood oxygen levels.”

Interested parties can find more information about IAmOxygen and its products by visiting https://iamoxygen.com/product/rejuvenator-iamoxygen-skin-cell-therapy-2

[email protected]

221 25th Street

United States

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Sales Tax Software SmartCert Offers Superlative Customer Support and 30% Savings

Businesses that sell to resellers are often out of compliance with their states’ sales tax laws and most don’t even know it. Liability for fees and the payment of sales taxes that they don’t need to pay are completely avoidable, but only if they use the right tools. There is a simple solution to managing this arduous task, and it is called SmartCert.

The kinds of businesses affected by sales tax exemption certificate management are mostly in the supplying, manufacturing, and wholesaling sectors. One example of the kind of business that might benefit from using SmartCert is a floral goods supplier that sells to florists. The florists do not pay sales tax to the supplier. Instead, the florists’ customers pay sales tax, which is collected by the florist, which then pays the state. However, the floral supplier needs to track the exemption and resale certificates that are kept by the florists. If they don’t track those certificates, they could very well end up in trouble with each and every state in which they sell their floral supplies. That’s where SmartCert comes in. This specialized software tracks and manages all the exemption certificates of all the florists with which the floral supplier does business.

SmartCert was developed by Clarus Partners Advisors LLC to help their clients with the time-consuming and painstaking task of tracking their customers’ tax exemption certificates. Clarus Partners are experts in indirect sales and use taxes, giving them an edge in the accounting industry over general accounting firms.

“Our partners offer our clients more than 150 years of experience precisely in the specialty of managing indirect taxes – including sales taxes – and our staff are just as experienced,” said Clarus Partners Advisors LLC Partner Steve Hanebutt, CPA. “One of the unique benefits we offer our clients is that we have folks on our team who have been on the ‘other side’ of the tax equation; they’ve worked for the state agencies that oversee sales tax collections and compliance. We know this area inside and out. Our clients definitely come out ahead because of our expertise.”

SmartCert sales tax software is a robust cloud solution for managing sales tax exemption certificates. It was specifically developed by Clarus Partners as a proprietary sales tax software solution for the common business complication of tracking sales and use tax exemption certificates. This software is used by bookkeepers and accountants to manage sales and use tax exemption certificates. The system is designed to help businesses keep track of expiration dates, renewals, and other essential information related to sales and use tax exemption certificates.

SmartCert sales tax software has been gaining market share because the support offered to clients is unequaled in the industry. Lauded by the customers who use it, SmartCert’s customer support is the result of the sales tax software having been developed by Clarus Partners, experts in indirect taxes. SmartCert helps clients overcome the many challenges they have probably experienced with other software programs that are attributable to the lack of effective customer support because customer service representatives almost always lack knowledge of the reasons for the exemption certificate software in the first place. After all, they are not tax experts.

In addition, SmartCert not only simplifies the entire process of sales tax exemption certificate management but also has no hidden fees, unlike its competitors in the marketplace.

Customers who begin using SmartCert after working with another sales tax software system are aware immediately that the service they get is better than the competitors’ customer support.

In addition, large and small companies also realize cost savings after switching to SmartCert. This was the experience shared by SmartCert user Diana Jander, Indirect Tax Director at Cardinal Health, a SmartCert customer

“In the past, we used a competing software for our exemption certificate management,” Jander said, “but we find that SmartCert is backed up by Clarus Partners’ fantastic customer service. We can also customize it for our business and it’s about 30 percent less expensive than the other companies’ software programs. We aren’t constantly being assessed additional charges for add-ons that amount to hidden fees. It has really been a smart choice for our business.”

SmartCert allows businesses to collect certificates from their customers and proactively notify them when an exemption certificate will soon expire. All sales tax exemption certificates are stored in the cloud-based solution, making them available in just seconds for audit or review. Clients are always audit-ready with certificate reports right at their fingertips.

Constantly changing regulations are a real challenge for many businesses to keep up with. SmartCert ensures the correct form is always accessible. This enables clients to easily identify certificates that are invalid and help them stay compliant.

Clarus Partners Advisors LLC is a leading provider of sales tax software solutions as well as sales and use tax compliance and consulting. Clarus Partners developed SmartCert sales tax software, which is positioned to become an industry leader in sales tax exemption certificate management, yielding clients significant sales and use tax savings along with unparalleled customer support.

To learn more about how Clarus Partners Advisors LLC can help their business, readers are invited to visit Get Sales Tax Software – Clarus Partners.

The PR Secrets
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A new life for traditional art with Sastanaqqam

Dubai, UAE, Dec 19, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Sastanaqqam project is a decentralized ecosystem centered around the use of it’s token. The project was created with the goal of bringing artwork to a wider audience and making it more accessible to everyone, using blockchain technology to switch from a traditional business model in the art industry to a decentralized one.

The Sastanaqqam ecosystem consists of five parts: the NFT Rental Place, NFT Marketplace, Virtual Museum, Staking Platform and Launchpad, and P2E Games. The Blue Token, Sastanaqqam’s native cryptocurrency, and crypto-based Sastana Wallet connect all parts of the ecosystem. The project aims to grow and manage each part of the ecosystem in a traditional way while leveraging modern technology, with the goal of making each aspect of the business sustainable and profitable within the first year.

The overall goal of Sastanaqqam is to make the Blue Token viable as a stand-alone cryptocurrency and eventually without seeking external investment.

The impact of NFTs on the traditional art market

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are changing the art industry in a number of ways. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Ownership: NFTs provide a way to prove ownership of digital artwork, making it easier for artists to sell and for buyers to purchase. This can be especially useful in the digital art world, where it can be difficult to prove ownership of a digital file.
  2. Accessibility: With NFTs, artists can make their work more accessible to a wider audience. Instead of being limited to physical copies or exhibitions, NFTs allow artists to sell their work online, potentially reaching a larger audience.

  1. New income streams: NFTs provide artists with a new way to generate income from their work. In addition to selling physical copies or exhibiting their work, artists can now sell NFTs of their work, providing them with a new revenue stream.
  2. Transparency: NFTs provide a level of transparency to the art market. Smart contracts used to create NFTs can make the buying, selling, and market capitalization values of a work public record, making it easier to track and verify the value of a piece of art.

NFTs are changing the art industry by providing a new way for artists to sell and distribute their work, and for buyers to purchase and own it. They also provide transparency and accessibility to the market, making it easier for people to access and appreciate art from around the world.

How Sastanaqqam can be a game changer for traditional art ?

The Sastanaqqam project aims to bring traditional art to a wider audience and make it more accessible to everyone through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By switching from a traditional business model in the art industry to a decentralized one, Sastanaqqam aims to make artwork more accessible and allow artists to reach a larger audience.

One way that Sastanaqqam can be a game changer for traditional art is through the use of its Virtual Museum. This feature allows users to browse and view traditional artwork online, providing a new way for people to access and experience art from around the world.

In addition, the NFT Marketplace and Rental place  allows artists to sell/rent their work as NFTs, which can be bought, sold, rented and traded like traditional art. This allows artists to reach a larger audience and potentially generate new income streams.

Overall, Sastanaqqam’s use of blockchain technology and NFTs has the potential to revolutionize the traditional art industry by making it more accessible, transparent, and decentralized.


Media Contact

Company Name:-Sastanaqqam

Email:-[email protected]

Company Website:-http://sastanaqqam.com/

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CruiseBooking.com makes booking cruise deals faster

Orlando, Florida, USA — CruiseBooking.com breaks the myth of onerous expenses for cruise travel by presenting options tailored to match everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Traveling alone or with your loved ones, compare over 20 amazing cruise lines for you to relish your vacations, celebrations, holidays, or any special occasions with pocket-friendly deals. CruiseBooking.com makes it easy to book direct cruise deals.

Powered by eTravel.com, an exclusive Internet Travel and Booking Engine technology, CruiseBooking.com benefits from real-time booking for various cruise lines on its website, helping people to easily book cruise online. Featuring the world’s top-notch cruise lines like Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruises and many more. Book cruises that are most suitable to you, travel to destinations of your choice, and offer onboard activities you prefer to enjoy.  “No matter your travel style or budget, there is a cruise for you,” says the team at CruiseBooking.com.

You must be wondering how CruiseBooking.com offers such amazing, low-cost deals; the answer is simple. CruiseBooking.com cruise fares include all meals, accommodations, and a variety of onboard activities, so you do not have to spend money on anything else! Moreover, you can directly book Shore Excursions, Drink packages, Dinner packages, Internet packages, Spa Appointments, Entertainment, and on-deck activities in advance. Explore low-cost bargain cruises for weekend getaways, best for new cruisers or anyone looking to get delighted at minimal cost.

With wide-ranging travel destinations and top tourist attractions from all over the globe, like Alaska, the Caribbean, Amazon-South America, Europe till the Arctic, and Antarctica, you can embark on a cruise and enjoy the ultimate extravagance and enjoyment of a lifetime whilst exploring the world.

Book a cruise right now and revel in discounts, last-minute deals, onboard credits, upgrades, and more. You can even set cruise price alerts to get instant notifications via emails on fare reductions, unbeatable discounts, latest deals 

A satisfied cruiser shared, “I have been using CruiseBooking.com for over 2 years and never had any issue with their packages and services. We had a wonderful cruise party on Royal Caribbean Cruises last year and had the best time along with my family and friends”.

About CruiseBooking.com
CruiseBooking.com, powered by eTravel, LLC, is a cruise booking service featuring world-class cruise lines and the best travel destinations across the world. Serving a wide range of customers based on their needs, celebrations, and budget, CruiseBooking.com enables travelers to research, plan and book the best options. CruiseBooking.com targets niche ethnic markets as well as mainstream travelers and delivers value to its price-conscious travelers.

Get your hands on fit-for-all, affordable yet grandeur cruise deals at CruiseBooking.com and enjoy the best fares, early bird discounts, and unique, exciting on-deck activities.

Media Contact

Company Name: CruiseBooking.com LLC

Contact Person: Abhesh Verma

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.cruisebooking.com

BEIDT Health Is Here To Provide Licensed Mental Health Counselors With Opportunities

The leading recruiter is here to save the day for mental health job seekers

Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 19th Dec 2022 – BEIDT Health is a leading mental health job provider that encourages licensed mental health counselors to join it to receive better opportunities. Not only that, the impact of this pandemic has led to a high demand for mental health professionals worldwide, which is why BEIDT Health announced its initiative to provide licensed mental health counselors with well-paid clinical positions.

BEIDT Health typically works directly with the hiring leaders from the Manager to CEO level, which allows it to give mental health assistant job seekers timely feedback and updates on their candidacy with its clients. This can be difficult if you apply through a website or portal like Indeed because there’s no real sense of urgency in terms of how long it takes for your information to be submitted or processed.

BEIDT Health has a rich history of providing mental health assistant job seekers access to various rewarding career opportunities such as fully remote, travel, off-market, partnerships, and stock options opportunities.

  • Exploring various avenues: BEIDT Health will coach and help evaluate licensed mental health counselors with career options, provide them with the company and cultural insight and help move the hiring process.
  • Company and cultural insights: Licensed mental health counselors learn about the company’s culture through interviews, training, and other events. They can also gain insight into their own skillset by using its tools.
  • Guidance via interview training: As an employer, BEIDT Health agents are committed to providing candidates with all available resources so that they feel prepared for interviews, including mock interviews, before starting their new careers at BEIDT Health.*

“We aim to provide job opportunities as we are well aware of the rising demand for qualified clinical practitioners. BEIDT Health cooperates with several agencies in Texas and other states to meet these demands allowing us to offer competitive rates,” said a representative from BEIDT Health.

“We are looking forward to partnering with individuals who have a passion for helping others achieve their goals,” said a representative from BEIDT Health.

The pandemic has led to high demand for mental health professionals worldwide. Specifically, licensed mental health counselors are in short supply, which is why BEIDT Health has come into being.

BEIDT Health provides opportunities for licensed mental health counselors who want to change their lives and careers by providing them with ample job opportunities that can lead to a better future.

About BEIDT Health

BEIDT Health is a leading mental health job provider in Cleveland, OH. It connects behavioral health providers and organizations with talented patient-focused clinical passionate professionals providing the best long-term treatment outcomes. Using techniques and methods never utilized by this industry, linking behavior health professionals with rewarding career opportunities across the US.

Media Contact

Organization: BeIDT Health

Contact Person: Media Contact

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 216-329-3500

Website: https://beidthealth.com/

Address 1: Shaker Blvd Suite 330,

City: Cleveland

State: Ohio

Country: United States

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COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Affects Jewish Marriages and Fertility — DailyClout.io Launches a New Investigative Series
Palm Beach, Florida (Newsworthy.ai) Monday Dec 19, 2022 @ 9:05 AM Pacific —

Recent reports by journalist Etana Hecht suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine may be impacting the menstrual cycles and fertility of women in the Jewish Orthodox community.

American/Israeli reporter Hecht, known for her courageous Substack examining COVID-19 protocols, reports Orthodox women, with their long history of tracking their menstrual cycles and fertility, have noticed changes such as

  • Excessively heavy or painful periods;
  • Missed periods;
  • Excessively long spotting;
  • Periods returning post-menopause.

“Some of the earliest reports of menstrual disruption post-vaccination came from the women of the Jewish Orthodox community, almost immediately after the vaccine rollout,” said Etana Hecht. “To give a clear picture of why that was the case, some background is necessary.”

Renowned Epidemiologist and Ph.D. Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s latest Substack reviews Etana Hecht’s article: “Etana does a marvelous, yet troubling research look at the issue of the COVID gene injections & the impact on the menstrual cycle and we can extrapolate to potentially fertility, etc. far-reaching effects”

Dr. Naomi Wolf and a few who followed her lead publicly called attention to the issue of women’s menstrual cycles being impacted in the spring of 2021.

“The evidence has only gotten stronger to support the early warnings,” said Dr. Wolf, a renowned feminist and spokesperson for this issue. “We need to thoroughly investigate the potential long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on women’s reproductive health.”

Rabbis in Israel and America have also raised concerns about a drop in birthrates and reports of birth defects in babies born to vaccinated mothers.

Both Dr. Wolf and Hecht are available for interviews to discuss their research and the potential implications for the wider population.

For more information about this issue, visit DailyClout.io.

About DailyClout.io

DailyClout is a company that builds digital tools and produces media to help anyone, from any walk of life, use and affect democracy more powerfully.​ Our mission is to empower all people with information, facts, and opinion from all viewpoints, that when combined with DailyClout’s proprietary platform, enables them to be well-informed and to exercise their rights to directly weigh in on issues and legislation so that their voices are heard at the local, state or federal level.

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Charlotte Soundproof Interior Door Replacement & Installation Services Launched

Charlotte Doors & Closets has announced a new range of one-day interior door replacement services. The company offers fast, accessible, and affordable solutions for homeowners looking to update their interior doors.

More details can be found at https://onedaydoorsandclosets.com/dealers/charlotte-nc

One of the main benefits of the updated range of services is the company’s 3D measuring technology, which ensures a precision fit for all doors. This eliminates the need for messy construction and allows for easy installation in just one day.

Charlotte Doors & Closets offers factory direct savings on their interior doors, making them more affordable than home improvement stores, contractors, and handymen. Additionally, their doors are heavy-duty and designed for smooth swing, ensuring high standards of durability.

To meet the needs of modern homeowners, Charlotte Doors & Closets’ interior doors are designed to cancel noise, with sound-reduction capabilities up to 50%. This makes them a robust choice for homeowners who require improved soundproofing for anything from a baby’s room to music rehearsal rooms.

Charlotte Doors & Closets currently offers over 30 door designs to help clients find doors that match their homes. The team of design experts can help homeowners choose the perfect door to complement their unique style and create an interior space that meets their needs.

About Charlotte Doors & Closets

The largest interior and closet door replacement company in the US, Charlotte Doors & Closets has over 35 retail showrooms and has successfully installed over 500,000 doors. The award-winning company has over two decades of experience serving clients in Charlotte and throughout the country. For more details, visit https://g.page/charlottedoorsandclosets

A satisfied client said: “I just had my closet outfitted in my new home and I have to say it is my favorite thing about my house. They came up with a plan to meet my exact needs. The installers did the job quickly, and cleaned and polished every piece of wood. The closet looks amazing! Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/embed?mid=1HF9W6UzNt1Eb9xFVt3hgFr1BuwP4BCk&ehbc=2E312F

Charlotte Doors & Closets LLC

10810 Independence Pointe Pkwy G

United States

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