Up-and-coming Top Producing Real Estate Group

San Diego, CA, United States, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, Precious K Singletary Luxury Real Estate Group is a Luxury Real Estate Team based in Carlsbad,CA and one of the up-and-coming real estate teams in the state of California. 

They offer residential real estate services which includes exclusive buyer representation and comprehensive listing services. They help clients buy and sell prestigious homes, as well as offer them unique opportunities to expand their real estate portfolios. Whether you’re needing to buy or sell a luxury estate or add to your international portfolio! They provide worldwide reach and individual attention by using cutting edge technology, marketing and transactional services! They are regarded as fearsome negotiators and tailor their approach to give you the upper hand in any situation.

The team consists of Luxury Real Estates and other real estate transactional professionals. “ We work miracles with the help of our amazing Transaction Coordinator, lovely administrative assistant, go-getter marketing team, beautiful showing agents/open house coordinators, knowledgeable lenders, selfless stagers and photographers, amazing preferred title -real estate attorneys- home warranty, CPA, notary, and escrow”, quoted on their professional listing pages. 

The Comprehensive listing package includes but not limited to:

  • Property Individual Website
  • Property Brochure
  • Property Flyer
  • Property Video and Introduction
  • Neighborhood report
  • Property Post Card
  • Property Slides
  • Property Photography
  • Property Staging Photography
  • Property Drone
  • Property 3D Virtual Staging
  • Property 3D Tour
  • Property Virtual Tour
  • Open House Strategy and Set up
  • Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Social Media Ad
  • Listing Flyer in the MLS
  • Eblast ( email our entire data base of 3000 plus agents of property that just hit the market)
  • Listing Syndication to over 50+ sites
  • Featured Property on Social Media Page
  • Complimentary Media Package with options to upgrade and more!! 

Additional Services:

  • Property Renovations Concierge
  • Sell before you buy packages
  • 1031 Exchanges 
  • Instant Cash Offer
  • Colisting Opportunities
  • Residential Referrals 
  • Commercial Referrals 
  • Property Management
  • Market Updates 
  • Home Selling Events 
  • Home Buying Events

Booking an appointment with Precious and her team is simple! 

Looking to buy? Review their buyer/seller packet, submit you’re buyer/seller questionnaire, and submit an appointment request through their booking site to get started! The buyer’s and seller’s packet will answer many questions related to the process and help to create a stress-free and enjoyable experience! 

Once you complete all three steps a member of

the team will contact you to discuss the next steps.

About Founder/Realtor Precious K. Singletary

Born and raised in San Diego, Precious Singletary understands the numerous benefits of living in Southern California, with its unmatched weather, endless amenities, and diverse housing opportunities. Precious Singletary attended the to obtain Western Governor University with an MBA, attended The University of Arizona to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, Real Estate Broker Certificate, Associate Degree in Cosmetology and subsequently worked in the property management, legal, business development, and cosmetology sectors before and during her career in real estate.

As a REALTOR® since 2020, Precious has focused her business in the Luxury Real Estate Sector and on a mission to help people maintain and build their wealth in real estate!. She is a proud member of California Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, and the San Diego Association of Realtors, and she is designated as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and a Certified Residential Specialist. Highly regarded by clients and peers alike, Precious excels at exceeding expectations. Whether selling and buying homes or investment properties, Precious’ expertise and professionalism shine through and make the experience as stress-free as possible.

In the past she enjoyed working as a solo agent with HomeSmart Realty West, Coldwell Banker Luxury and First Team Real Estate, Christie’s International, Who’s Who in Luxury and Luxury Real Estate Portfolio. She in and found to be reliable, professional, and knowledgeable about the real estate market in: 

  • Carlsbad, CA, USA 
  • La Jolla, CA, USA
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • Beverly Hills, CA, USA
  • Orange County, CA,  USA 
  • Calabases, CA, USA 

She’s well reviewed on Google and Zillow business listing pages and offers referral and colostomy opportunities at a 30%-60% split.

Precious attributes her success to her in-depth knowledge of the local market, highly effective marketing strategies, an exclusive network of contacts, and a true passion for helping her clients. She is well-known for exceptional customer service and striving for the utmost in client satisfaction; as a result, much of her business comes from repeat clients and referrals. Buying or selling a home can be one of the most important and emotional decisions in a person’s life, and Precious is always honored when clients choose her to help guide them through the process.

A current San Diego resident, Precious is well-connected. When not working, she adores spending time with her family, dining at a class restaurant, attending spoken poetry events and concerts, attending seminars, traveling the world, cruising on a yacht, riding in her car listening to music, working out, and reading a good book. She can often be found, hiking, throughout San Diego, or perhaps perfecting her gourmet cooking skills and preparing for one of her famous Friday-night dinner parties.

Social Accounts and Business Pages:

Instagram: @iamprecioussingletary 


Google Business


Book a Consultation


[email protected]

(619) 431-0453

Media Contact

Media Contact: Precious K Singletary Luxury Real Estate Group

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: Send Email

City: San Diego, CA

Country: United States

Website: http://precioussingletary.com/

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Central Mountain Coffee will host events to promote their newly launched premium Kubbees

Central Mountain Coffee has expanded itself as a family business in the US. It offers the best gourmet coffees, teas, and cocoa from the region of Colombia. Recently, they are holding events in the following summers.

Popayan Colombia, United States, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, CMC is a family-owned and operated company situated in the United States. The company imports Colombia’s most valuable specialty gourmet coffees, teas, and cocoa. The objective of CMC is to bring the highest-quality products to customers worldwide, such as Premium coffee and instant cubes made from sugar cane, coffee, tea, and cocoa. CMC aspires to provide the world with a one-of-a-kind coffee from Cauca, Colombia’s southwest area, located between the Andes Mountains ranges and the Colombian flowerbed.

For years, Central Mountain Coffee and its partner Wikilok SAS have collaborated with award-winning and indigenous Colombian producers. They have a track record of being ecologically conscious and sustainable. The family partnership has aided in improving the lives of the farmers with whom they collaborate. CMC has been a terrific resource for procuring specialty coffee and delivering Colombia tours and coffee workshops.

In a recent development, throughout the summer, Central Mountain Coffee will host various events to help introduce their newly launched product Kubbees to new markets in Latin America and the United States. The business collaborates to bring the innovative new product Kubbees to market, which they facilitated and manufactured in Colombia. 

Kubbees are a brewed Colombian specialty drink that comes in a cube. Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa are currently available. They are a direct trade company that works with several Colombian farmers, and their products are manufactured with organic and natural components. They have even appeared on QVC.

After the pandemic episode, the founders of CMC decided to shift their attention to individuals interested in products available on the online site. They already had a terrific product that they were offering for individuals trying to save time and money, and it was perfect for their online store, where customers could shop whenever and wherever they wanted.

Kubbees are currently available in a variety of places as well as online at Amazon and Walmart. They’re continuously on the lookout for new distributors with whom they can collaborate and flourish their business further in the global market. Customers should watch out for Kubbees in the marketplace this summer and fall and give them a try. Companies interested in any partners’ products are encouraged to contact them.

Visit the Amazon store to shop and the website for further information.  


Media Contact

Media Contact: Central Mountain Coffee

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: Send Email

Phone: 18002511442

City: Popayan Colombia

Country: United States

Website: https://www.centralmountaincoffee.com/

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Digital Marketing Consultant Lauches New Website

Cardiff, United Kingdom, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, Upon the release of the new look website of REDKINGDIGITAL, founder James Frazer-Mann said “What began and remains a hobby of mine is Digital Marketing. In the ever changing landscape of SEO, I enjoy not only increasing the search result position of websites, but also improving a the sites whole online presence…. increasing their ROI (return on investment) and optimising the CRO (conversion rate optimisation.  Search engine leader Google does have very complex algorithms, but the reality is this – if you build a website focussing on what you “think” google search wants to see, and DON’T focus on what the VISITOR (your potential customer) wants, the likelyhood is you will be heading for disappointment. When it comes to ranking highly in the search results always build your website and content the other way round – ensuring you put the user FIRST…you want them “stick” around, ENGAGE with your website…. ultimatley you want to answer or provide the solution to what they are looking for… for many sites that is to make a purchase or fill out a contact form. I certainly look forward to more building and helping local businesses thrive online throughout the year”.

Media Contact

Media Contact: James Frazer-Mann Digital Marketing Consultant

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: Send Email

City: Cardiff

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.redkingdigital.co.uk/

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YKDIRTY Releases Immutable Another Marvelous EP.

Rochester NY, United States, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, After six long month YKDIRTY decides to drop another marvelous project on all major platforms. IMMUTABLE is the name of YKDIRTY latest EP. The definition means “unable to change.” Ironically YKDIRTY expresses how you have to be the change in one’s life. Dealing with treacherous, traumatic, misery & pain you still have to keep your engines going. Moving forward displays Determination, strength & independence. Usually being a leader gives hope to others to follow suit in their own unique way. There are six recordings on IMMUTABLE starting with “Stop Now” & ending with “Built For This”. You can listen to this project & guarantee you find some similarities or relatable moments to your life when YKDIRTY music plays. May 27th 2022 IMMUTABLE became available for downloading and streaming on all platforms so tell a friend to tell a friend & if the mission is complete that listener should leave off with a little bit more motivation then they did before listening to IMMUTABLE.


Media Contact

Media Contact: YKDIRTY / UpsideDown Productions

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: Send Email

City: Rochester NY

Country: United States

Website: https://songwhip.com/ykdirty/immutable

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Roblox Metaverse Payment Coin

Roblox Metaverse Payment Coin

Abbreviation: ROBX

Issue price: $1

Number of issuances: 1 billion

Distribution Company Profile: Roblox Corporation is an American video game developer based in San Mateo, California. Founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, the company is the developer of Roblox, which was released in 2006. In 2022, Roblox Corporation was named the ninth most innovative company in the world and the most innovative company in gaming. Roblox is called the first strand of the metaverse

Metaverse Payment Coin utilizes the characteristics of smart contracts to decentralize contracts in a programmatic, non-custodial, verifiable, traceable and trustworthy manner, thereby greatly reducing rent-seeking, corruption and black-box operations that may exist in the financial system and other harmful behaviors. ROBX will achieve large-scale and persistent operation, providing the Metaverse with a payment and settlement system that fits seamlessly with the virtual space of the network.

ROBX will be widely used in finance, education, social networking, design and planning, medical treatment, industrial manufacturing, games and other fields.

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is linked and created by scientific and technological means, and is a virtual world that maps and interacts with the real world, a digital living space with a new social system. Massive transformation of content production, economic systems, user experience, and physical world content.

Future development of the Metaverse: As a digital space for human entertainment, social interaction and even work in the future, the Metaverse is the main carrier of future lifestyles and a new digital world that everyone will participate in.

Its emergence will enable each intelligent hardware to have a unique digital identity, and payment methods will be settled in real time in the process, and the digital economy and the real economy will further achieve deep integration.

At the same time, with the further integration of the metaverse with our lives, the digital image will become our main social image, and it will be more unique, general, and private for each of us, and it can serve as a role for each of us. The representative of the company has opened up a series of digital systems such as identity, data, credit, assets, etc. for us, and gradually realized the integration with the real identity.

Moreover, in the metaverse world, many products and services are generated based on data, because each of our terminal devices is generating a large amount of data at any time, so making good use of data can get huge benefits, and Companies that understand data will also become increasingly valuable. At that time, the data assets, user privacy, etc. monopolized by centralized Internet organizations will come to an end, and will be replaced by a decentralized data asset with sufficient privacy protection, and the final transaction and value of the data will be realized through smart contracts. distribution, so that data becomes the real asset of each of us and maximizes value.

Metaverse integrates cutting-edge digital technologies such as blockchain, 5G, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, etc., so that everyone can get rid of the constraints of real conditions in the physical world, so as to achieve better in the new digital space Self, realize the maximization of one’s own value.

ROBX is spearheaded by Roblox Corporation and issued jointly with a number of internationally renowned institutions such as PayPal, META and Morgan Stanley. ROBX not only attracts the attention of well-known institutions in the industry, but also attracts the close attention of more and more non-industry institutions. ROBX guides the innovation of blockchain technology to better enable human beings to achieve themselves in a new digital space and maximize their own value.

The transformation the global economic system has undergone is exemplary. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, the competition is in full swing as platforms are ready to offer their customers something new every day that is better than other cryptocurrency competitors.

 For more information, please visit the official website. Join mdncoin and buy exclusive tokens

Media Contact

Media Contact: Roblox Corporation

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: Send Email

Country: United States

Website: https://www.mdncoin.com/

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Scaling down with other QuickBooks options when needed

Kingston, United Kingdom, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, QuickBooks Enterprise is primarily a desktop-based accounting and financing management software that handles everything from invoicing to payroll and inventory management. You can have up to 40 licensed users on one account and track up to 1 million items, customers, vendors and employees — a scale best suited for larger businesses.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a significant investment. The base plan, QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, starts at $1,340 annually – just for one user. QuickBooks Enterprise is installed locally and can’t be accessed on another device unless you purchase remote access, which starts at $199 per month for one user on the Gold plan. 

A scaled-down version of QuickBooks Enterprise is QuickBooks Online. The Plus version costs $80 per month and tracks inventory, evaluate job costs and create customized reports. Needless to say, there is no upcharge for remote access but is limited to five users with the Plus plan and 25 with the Advanced plan.

QuickBooks Pro, on the other hand, is ideal for the service industry business as sales can be tracked, while bills can be paid and cheques can be written directly from the software. Products sold, monies owed, and payment times can easily be tracked. QuickBooks Pro is recommended for businesses with revenues up to 1 million. Pro can support up to three users with the option of purchasing two additional licenses

QuickBooks Premier is often used for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, professional services, contractors and non-profit organizations.  QuickBooks Premier is ideal for businesses with revenues under 1 million and holds less than 20 employees. 

QuickBooks Repair Pro’s conversion service can convert a QuickBooks Enterprise file to Pro, Premier or QuickBooks Online in its entirety, and with zero loss to information. Data is accessed directly, hence there are no restrictions on what can and cannot be converted. 

For more information, visit https://quickbooksrepairpro.com/quickbooks-enterprise-to-pro-or-premier-conversion.aspx

About QuickBooks Repair Pro

QuickBooksRepairpro.com is a leading QuickBooks File Repair and Data Recovery, QuickBooks Conversion, QuickBooks Mac Repair, and QuickBooks SDK programming services provider in North America, serving thousands of business users all over the world. With over 20 years of experience with Intuit QuickBooks, QuickBooksRepairpro.com assists QuickBooks users and small businesses with a variety of services and work with the US, UK, Canadian, Australian (Reckon Accounts), and New Zealand versions of QuickBooks (PC and Mac platforms).

For more information, visit https://quickbooksrepairpro.com/

Media Contact

Media Contact: E-Tech.

Contact Person: Melanie Ann

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 61 Bridge St. Kingston HR5 3DJ

City: Kingston

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://quickbooksrecovery.co.uk

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When the accountant’s best friend has to go – removing the QuickBooks audit trail

Kingston, United Kingdom, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, The QuickBooks Audit Trail helps keep a track of and manage all reports that have been deleted, edited, modified, or have been newly added. 

Using the Audit Trail feature helps track lost transactions that are causing inconsistencies in opening balances and bank reconciliations. It also assists in locating previous account names that may have been merged with new accounts, keeps track of user login times, identifying incorrectly entered transactions and keeps an account of who is accessing books, as well as the tasks that are being performed. This feature also helps to protect against fraud as it shows the imprints of individuals who have made changes in the accounting software.

Naturally, over time, this audit trail can get quite large and start to bog down the performance of QuickBooks. It is said that as the number of transactions increase in a data file, the audit trail grows by a factor of 2 and this brings about a large QuickBooks file. A large file will slow down the system because of numerous closed and unused transactions and builds unused list elements over time.

The QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal Service – offered by E-Tech- is a service to remove the audit trail from a QuickBooks data file and reduce its size by as much as 30 to 50 percent. This service will also delete entries in the Voided, Deleted Transactions Summary and Detail reports.

Learn more at https://quickbooksrecovery.co.uk/quickbooks-file-data-services/quickbooks-audit-trail-removal-service/

About E-Tech

E-Tech is the leading service provider of QuickBooks File Repair, Data Recovery, QuickBooks Conversion and QuickBooks SDK programming in the UK and Ireland. In our 20 years plus of experience with Intuit QuickBooks, we have assisted over a 1000 satisfied customers with their requirements.

We offer a range of services for existing QuickBooks users and provide comprehensive solutions for small businesses. Additionally, our expertise covers the US, UK, Canadian, Australian (Reckon Accounts), and New Zealand versions of QuickBooks (PC and Mac platforms).

For media inquiries regarding E-Tech, individuals are encouraged to contact Media Relations Director, Melanie Ann via email at [email protected] 

Media Contact

Media Contact: E-Tech.

Contact Person: Melanie Ann

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 61 Bridge St. Kingston HR5 3DJ

City: Kingston

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://quickbooksrecovery.co.uk

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Joel Thomas, Founder, Wisdom for Wealth Helps Others Achieve Positive Personal and Financial Results Due to Products and Community Support

With a business system that was developed over 10 years ago, the company embodies a global community of like-minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of their proven business system and personal growth principles.

Their products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

According to Joel: “The men and women I have worked with are motivated leaders pursuing their passion and purpose in the field of education, politics, religion, and entrepreneurship with great success, enjoying freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. They enjoy an extraordinary life and have assisted others in accomplishing the same.”

Representatives of Joel’s company state that they are extremely happy about the business model.

“I come from a Pilates teacher background. I always need to work a flexible schedule no matter what I do. Flexibility isn’t enough when you have a family of 4 and a strong travel bug!! I also needed a business to fit my flexible schedule. This business is exactly that. So, we decided to take our family with the business on a 3-month trip to Australia and Southeast Asia. I must pinch myself that this is my reality now. A business that is truly flexible!!” Kristine B.

“From the moment I got started here I’ve been provided with so much training and support. Being among a community of like-minded people has tremendously assisted me in creating shifts in so many areas of my life. And as a new mom I feel blessed that I get to run a successful business on a flexible and part time schedule.” Lise R.

About Joel Thomas

Joel Thomas has traveled extensively internationally hosting conferences, Leadership, and small business seminars. He has been tremendously blessed to share his experiences with thousands.

His travels have taken him to more than 30 countries: Guyana, Caribbean, United Kingdom, United States, Africa, Asia, and Australia just to name a few.

He is an author, former radio host and TV contributor.


“My Silver Haired Child – When Our Parents Become Our Children Because of Alzheimer’s Dementia.” He plans to begin a Newsletter on Dementia Caregiving.

[email protected]

Media Contact

Company Name
Wisdom for Wealth
Contact Name
Joel Thomas
(647) 243-4480
United States

comtex tracking


London Daily Post Offering Up-to-Date Information On Global Industry

London Daily Post unites readers around the news that matters. The outlet offers up-to-date information on industry as well as a broader variety of contemporary issues. 

With a targeted focus on the latest news in the United Kingdom, London Daily Post nonetheless keeps a close check on global events. It provides sector-specific information on business, politics, finance, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. As an extension of its focus on clarity, London Daily Post offers an interface that makes accessibility simple and efficient.

A competitive editorial board works to ensure reliable information and responsible reporting. Stories are subject to rigorous fact checking prior to publication. A focus on quality has meant the Post has a legacy as a competitive platform in the digital space. Reaching millions of users across the globe, London Daily Post believes in providing its readership with information that is carefully processed and timely.

About London Daily Post

London Daily Post is a news platform providing up-to-date information on industrial developments, both in the UK and around the world. It offers reliable information on the latest in Business, Politics, Finance, Tech, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Sports. The news platform features an interface that organizes news according to the requirements of the user. 

Brick and Galo Realty Offers the Most-Reliable Apartment Rental Listings Across Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY

New York, US, 31st May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, According to statistics, a little over two-thirds of the population lives in rental apartments across Brooklyn and Manhattan. The “Land of Opportunity” is one of the most highly sought-after cities to rent an apartment in.

Brick & Galo Realty is a leading realty firm in New York, offering the best apartment listings across the city. The company has a team of professional real estate experts, landlords, and salespersons who are well-versed in the city’s entire apartment renting market. Their team offers the latest listings for NYC apartments for rent.

The real estate market in New York is very saturated and dense. The real estate services demand in the city has grown after the pandemic. After the housing market crash in the last two years, the city’s real estate is regaining the market hold. Newer, renovated apartments are in-demand, and renters are increasingly looking to secure a spot in Brooklyn as well as Manhattan, NY.

Talking about the company’s services, a senior representative at Brick & Galo Realty said, “We take pride in offering the most amazing apartment listings in the city. Our strong relationships with NY’s real estate movers and shakers allow us to bring the latest listings before anyone else! We understand that navigating the densely-populated landscape of NYC can be very daunting. And that’s where Brick & Galo Realty steps in.

Some of the major issues apartment renters in New York face are high rent, skimmed leases, overlooked amenities, unprotected security deposits, and high moving costs. All of these underlying problems end up increasing the overall cost of renting an apartment. At Brick & Galo Realty, the listings are vetted before they’re put up for potential renters.

The firm has listings from Brooklyn and Manhattan within various budgets and sizes. Their team knows the hotspots that are safe and valuable in terms of apartment renting.

We have an apartment for anyone and everyone. Our proficient team consists of salespeople and property managers who can assist clients with renting an apartment in the buzzing city of New York. When a client finds a nice apartment, we immediately schedule a viewing coupled with expert assistance,” the senior representative at Brick & Galo Realty continued.

Brick & Galo Realty offers a complete NYC apartments guide and also educates clients about the technicalities of searching for and leasing apartments.

Interested readers can learn more about Brick & Galo Realty using the details below.

About the Company

Brick & Galo Realty offers the best apartment listings in NYC. The company leverages its network management companies and landlords to help renters find apartments for rent within their budget. They have a wide array of apartment listings in Hamilton, Brooklyn, Prospect Lefferts Garden, Midwood, and other areas across New York.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Brick and Galo Realty

Website: https://www.brickandgalo.com/

Phone Number: (718) 773-5500

Email: [email protected]


Crown Heights: 307 New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11213

Manhattan: 1806 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10031

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