Patrick Palmer’s ‘Are You Prepared To Be A Caregiver’ Focuses On The Financial, Physical, And Emotional Considerations Of Caregiving In Today’s World

The former pilot turned best-selling author shares his experiences and writes about the financial, physical, and emotional struggles of caregiving to help caregivers amidst a pandemic.

Port Charlotte, FL, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, When the pandemic hit, many families found themselves worrying about the safety of their loved ones, especially the elderly. For others, caregiving at home for a loved one wasn’t a new chapter.

Patrick Palmer was not new to caregiving. He found himself with caregiving responsibilities after his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer.

In his third book titled, ‘Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver,’ he focuses on the caregivers and the challenges they face. He highlights the hidden stress of caregiving based on his own experience of caregiving for his sick wife for over six years.

He wrote his first guide book titled ‘A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving’ to help husbands and other male caregivers overcome their challenges. His wife fought a five-year-long battle with cancer, and Patrick stood by her side every second.

He wrote the book to help caregivers like himself who had no idea where to start and what to do.

In his third book, he talks about caregiving for a loved one, be it a partner, parent, or child. These include financial planning to afford the cost of in-home private care, estate planning to ensure the heirs receive the maximum value of the estate, the benefits of long-term healthcare insurance, and even the practice of outfitting a home to minimize accidents.

He also talks about obtaining household support so the caregiver can focus their time and effort accordingly.

When talking about his book, one spokesperson said, “I love that Patrick talks in a conversational tone. The way he writes is so genuine I feel comforted by his words. It is not just advice or a checklist. It is genuine caring for another person who is in the same position as you. It is empathy.”

To learn more about the author and read his books, ‘A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving’ and ‘Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver’ go to the links below.

About Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer is an author and cancer activist who was a pilot and YMCA CEO before losing his wife after a five-year battle with cancer. Today, he is using his life experiences to help cancer patients and the caregivers in the community in every possible way. He has written three books for caregivers and has devoted his life as a cancer research advocate and educator for the caregiving community.


A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving

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The Healing of a Caregiver

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Are You Prepared to Be a Caregiver?
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Another Milestone RideBoom is Now Available in Himachal Pradesh Let’s RideBoom Himachal

The RideBoom founder is pleased to announce that the RideBoom Bike taxi is now available in major cities of Himachal Pradesh India.

Chandigarh, India, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, RideBoom is currently available in major cities of India including Delhi, Chandigarh, Mohali, and others. It is a ride-share app where the rider can get a car or bike taxi with the push of a button. 1% of each ride is donated to local charities.

RideBoom recently add another milestone by adding its services in Dharmshala, mandi, Palampur, and other small cities in Himachal.

Convenience is the number one benefit of using RideBoom. You can always find a driver that can help you get home or anywhere you want to go. When you need a ride, simply open the app on your mobile device and select your location, and you will know how far the nearest driver is. Once you order a ride, you can track your driver’s movement and be ready when he/she arrives at your location to pick you up. It’s as simple as that. Get a ride anywhere any time.

According to RideBoom state like Himachal needs services like RideBoom, many people own a bike or a scooter and it’s the first mode of travel here because of the hills where it is very easy to ride a two-wheeler.  

In the words of the RideBoom founder, “ we are creating more jobs in these places where the employment level is very low and people need a job”

RideBoom drivers are making and earning more and even helping to advertise the company info and the advantage of using RideBoom. They are asking most of the daily users to download the app and always book a ride with the RideBoom app.

Happy drivers make happy riders. We believe in my mission these cities launching and changes are appreciated by the RideBoom drivers, we are going to add our service in more cities in the coming weeks and it will, in turn, it will create more employment opportunities for the drivers and a better experience for our riders. With these changes, we are also reinforcing service quality expectations with drivers, especially those who have never provided or have no customer service experience.

Let’s RideBoom Himachal.

For more information please visit

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Sarani Weddings Studio Has A Talented Team of Photographers and Videographers Offering Impeccable Destination Wedding Photography in Cancun

Cancun, Mexico, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIREMillions of people around the globe plan destination weddings to get hitched to the love of their lives. But a common struggle for most couples hosting their destination wedding is finding an expert destination-wedding photographer in Cancun.

However, Sarani Weddings Studio’s top-notch team of photographers and videographers makes sure that capture every single detail of a couple’s big day.

Sarani Weddings Studio is one of the leading wedding photography studios established in Cancun, Mexico, by Sarani Estrada. Estrada is a well-recognized photographer in Cancun who was raised in the Dominican Republic. Her background allows her to capture every moment of joy, color, culture, etc., in her photographs.

Estrada takes pride in having a small but outstanding team of artistic photographers and videographers. Their team includes creative and skilled photographers from Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. This versatility and international perspective allow their team to capture destination weddings flawlessly.

Sarani Weddings Studio takes pride in offering wedding photography and videography in Mexico’s beautiful locations, including Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya. Sarani Weddings Studio has captured scores of destination weddings and excelled behind the camera.

A company representative said, “Destination weddings are an unforgettable experience for couples. At Sarani Weddings Studio, we aim to amplify that experience with our photography. Our team has been capturing destination weddings for the longest time and has mastered this art. We also capture Indian weddings ensuring we don’t miss any candid moments. From candid shots to posed ones, we capture every detail flawlessly.”

Sarani Weddings Studio is also well-known for its experience in capturing Indian weddings. They’ve specialized in shooting Indian weddings and have understood the core of Indian culture and weddings. As a result, they successfully capture memorable wedding moments.

Sarani Weddings Studio’s team is excellent at photographing newlyweds in Mexico’s gorgeous resorts and locations, including beaches, beautiful lakes, etc.

Individuals interested in learning more about Sarani Weddings Studio can reach out to them through the details provided below.

About Sarani Weddings Studio

Sarani Weddings Studio is a renowned photography and videography business in Mexico offering memorable wedding photography. They’re famous for Indian and destination wedding photography. The studio offers its services in Tulum, Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen.

Media Contact

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Providing a Wide Range of CBD and Delta-8 THC Products in Miami, Mary Jane Bakers Co. Becomes a One-Stop-Shop for CBD Oil, Vapes, Edibles, and Hemp Flowers

The wide range of products available on the online store include CBD and Delta 8 THC edibles made from legal and completely safe ingredients

Miami, Florida, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. is a popular bakery that has been in the business for a long time and has successfully established itself as a household name in the CBD market.

In a short span, it has emerged as a one-stop-shop for CBD and THC products and is expected to expand its product portfolio soon. The company delivers exceptional CBD products produced with the best ingredients. Their range of products includes oil tinctures, cannabis flowers, topicals, sweets, and vape cartridges. The company sources all its products from the U.S., ensuring that they are completely safe and legal.

The company’s goal is to be the most convenient and professional destination for those who use CBD oil and THC products regularly. They believe they have the best prices in town and are ready to help everyone find the right health solution. The company also operates an online store and delivers its products worldwide.

A senior company spokesperson commented about their product line, “We’re incredibly glad to play a significant role in our valuable customers’ unorthodox journey. While most businesses are still apprehensive about entering the cannabis sector, we took the initiative and succeeded. We hope to continue to expand and flourish as a corporation of our clients’ loyalty and input, delivering a whole new range of items in the future.”

The company provides products that are organic and fit into any lifestyle. They want to help others who may be looking for a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals. And as the incredible team at Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. continues to grow, the brand is dedicated to reviving its tradition of delivering premium CBD products. The company is always creating new and inventive goods to assist clients in promoting wellness.

Interested buyers can get in touch with the company using the contact information below.

About Mary Jane’s Bakery Co.  

Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. is an innovative company that provides a wide range of CBD and THC products, as well as serves parties with their food cart. The company is enthusiastic about and committed to its work and takes delight in providing products that are enriched with lab-tested, certified components. Their handcrafted items, including edibles, are supplied in the cannabinoids of the customer’s choice.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Mary Jane’s Bakery Co.

Phone number: +17869613146

Email: [email protected]


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DLI-IT Group Breaks Ground in the Middle East with Their Powerful Performance Management Software

Dubai, UAE, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, DLI-IT Group offers their premium software HR WORKS to improve employee management.

DLI-IT Group is a renowned HR solutions provider company based in Dubai. They strive to ensure HR processes are easy, quick, and effective with their leading software called HR Works. With the software, the company enables businesses to get tech-based HR solutions that make administrative processes efficient. Utilizing the latest AI technology allows their software to not just automate administrative HR processes like payrolls, but also provide deep insight into problem areas. As a result, HR teams are free to focus on making strategies to improve employee experiences.

Through their robust performance management software, employers and employees can participate in the appraisal process. The system uses AI technology to collect employee data and provides real-time detailed insight into employee performance. It assesses their performance and sales output alongside their goals and skills through qualitative and quantitative holistic assessment. As a result, employers can make informed decisions about their employees. Additionally, employees also feel a sense of autonomy by being involved in the evaluation process. This allows them to stay aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

Talking about their exemplary software, a representative of the company said, “Employee performance evaluation is essential to make the most of your teams and appreciate their performance. It’s imperative that businesses involve their employees in the appraisal process, especially when employee burnout is at an all-time high. HR Works involves both the employer and employee in the evaluation process. This allows employees to evaluate their project implementation progress, sales output, etc., in connection with their goals and competencies. As a result, employees can work to fall into alignment with the company’s goals.”

HR Works also offers other systems, such as recruitment management, payroll automation, time and attendance software, canteen management, etc.

Those interested in learning more about the software can do so with the information provided below.

About The Company

DLI-IT Group is a Dubai-based HR tech-based solutions provider. They also have an office in KSA. The company offers HR solutions with their premium HR software called HR Works. The software helps in HR functions like payroll automation, recruitment management, and more.

Media Contacts

Company Name: DLIIT

Email:- [email protected]


Phone: +971 4 351 3733 (UAE), +966 544 963 785 (Saudi Arabia)

Address: Atrium Center, Bank Street, PO Box 27287, Dubai, UAE

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DLI-IT Group’s Streamlined HRM Solutions Drive Business Growth in the UAE

Dubai, UAE, 31st August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Today, businesses have to integrate technological solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing business landscape. The same applies to HR management. Traditional methods of conducting HR processes aren’t just tedious, they also result in companies losing a lot of time and resources. However, finding the right HRM solutions that address these companies’ aims and goals is far from easy. DLI-IT Group understands this. That’s why they offer their tech-based solutions to optimize HR processes.

DLI-IT Group is a leading HR solutions provider based in the Middle East that aims to make HR functions easy, swift, and efficient with their HR Works software. The company offers reliable and cost-effective tech-based HR solutions that enable businesses to reduce paperwork and make processes efficient. Their software utilizes the latest AI technology and data analytics to automate payrolls, optimize recruitment processes, and streamline workflow with a project timesheet system. As a result, HR teams are freed from tedious administrative procedures to focus on other important strategical tasks.

Their software isn’t just beneficial in making HR administrative tasks easier. The HR Works software also enables HR departments to evaluate company employees. This allows them to not just optimize HR functions, but also identify any key issues. With the software, companies can easily evaluate employee performance to see if it aligns with their goals and objectives. Employees also feel autonomy in being involved in the evaluation and appraisal processes. Similarly, the employee self-service system makes it seamless for employees to receive paychecks, review attendance, check timesheets, submit leave applications, etc.

Speaking about their exemplary services, a representative of the company said, “Here at the DLI-IT Group, we strive to provide top-of-the-line HR solutions to companies. Our affordable services enable companies to streamline their HR processes and boost employee satisfaction. Not only does this reduce the expenditure of manpower, resources, and funds, but it also ensures employees feel involved. As a result, companies also see faster growth without compromising the quality.”

The company is renowned for its myriad of dependable systems that help companies attain control over all their enterprise operations.

Those interested in learning more about the company and its services can find the contact information provided below.

About the Company

DLI-IT Group is a renowned HR solutions provider based in the Middle East with offices in Riyadh and Dubai. They provide leading tech-based customized solutions to companies to help reshape their HR functions. Through their software HR Works, they currently provide various services such as payroll management, time and attendance management, payroll automation, and more.

Media Contacts

Company Name:-DLIIT

Email:-[email protected]


Phone: +971 4 351 3733 (UAE), +966 544 963 785 (Saudi Arabia)

Address: Atrium Center, Bank Street, PO Box 27287, Dubai, UAE

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The Innovative Saitama Token Has Been Reformed To Be More Stable and Safe
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United States, 31st Aug 2022,  The Web 3.0 technology company, Saitama, is leading the change by updating the characteristic token, as well as an app that allows customers to learn decentralized finance system effectively.

The world is all hyped up about Crypto & NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens. Major companies from all over the world are rushing to partake in this trend. One needs to be in a state of constant learning.

Saitama can make it easier for you to keep up with the rapidly changing world. It is making decentralized finance system easy and accessible for all. With the staunch aim of aiding the mainstream users, this company is at the top of the line. The goals and aspirations of this company range from buying and selling tokens with credit or debit cards to transferring fiat legal money between peers and friends.

The New Updated Saitama Token Is Sweeping the Market

The Multi-billion dollar company Saitama launched a new Ethereum token i.e. ERC-20. From 100 Billion tokens, 45 billion are in circulation all over the world. This newest upgrade of the token has a myriad of features, giving it an edge over the others. With enhanced safety, security and sustainable business, this token will surely keep the tax rate low.

The future is innovative. Keeping this in mind, Saitama has made this token flexible and capable of evolving, as well as CEX friendly (Centralized Exchange friendly)


SaitaPro – The State of the Art Mobile and Desktop App Launched by Saitama

Saitama has introduced a desktop and mobile app for the purpose of staying up to date on everything. Mainstream users can take advantage of this app, understand the concept of decentralized finance, and select any project from the list. Buying and trading of crypto and assets have been made a thousand times easier and more accessible due to this mobile and desktop app.

This app utilizes the most innovative block chain technology, in addition to multiple security levels. SaitaPro contains a DApp browser which connects mainstream users to Saitama’s exclusive NFT platform FANG, as well as upcoming Play to Earn games.

Saitama Has Partnered With Many Advantageous Projects

One of the major alliances of Saitama (mainly for SaitaPro) includes, a next-generational digital wallet licensed by the D.E.D, Dubai. An innovative platform that allows users to manage money, make online and retail purchases.

A never-seen-before loyalty program, with impressive daily and weekly deals, is the first of its kind in the region. Alongside Saitama, it aims to bring a revolution within DeFi & Fintech Industry. It is also linked with SaitaPro for buying and selling tokens with credit or debit cards eliminating the tiresome process through exchanges.

It does not end here, the SaitaPro app has also collaborated with several promising projects like MaziMatic, Saita Realty, Lucky Roo, Motion & Solid Block for the exclusive launch of the tokens & NFTs within the app.

Why Saitama?

The potential of Saitama cannot be ignored. Saitama, with all its charms and beauty, had reached 7.5 Billion USD market cap. Before soon, Saitama will hold its position at the top of the hill. This is something the investors need to take into consideration. While the market is down now, there is no doubt that it will bounce back before we know it. When this happens, the ingenious Saitama will be the one leading the change.

The Power of Saitama Community

Saitama is a vast, multifarious organization. An embodiment of talent and power of people from all over the globe with hundreds of thousands of holders, this company is as diverse as it is capable. Led by the most talented, this company and its members have taken several initiatives to help those in crisis. Its core values are honoring the differences and committing to providing the best assistance. With the belief, “Community is power”, this company has hosted more than 15 charitable events in its first year alone.

About Saitama

This multinational company was founded in June 2021, steered by a team of professionals from all over the World. Saitama at its all-time high had an estimated capitalization of over 7.5 Billion US Dollars. In November 2021, Saitama was in the Top 40 Projects of the time.

This company has surely achieved so much, in so little time. Crypto Expo Dubai coined this company as “The Most Transparent Project” in 2022. With its aspirational goals divided into three phases (out of which one has been successfully completed and the consummation of second is close) this company has approximately 200,000 holders.

With a collective following of 600k+ across social media, it can be safely said that Saitama is the next big thing in the face of cryptocurrency and NFT. 

To join and be a party of this transparent & big community visit the official website of Saitama 


Media Contact

Organization: Saitama Technology LLC

Contact Person: Aaron Mohsini

Email: Send Email

Country: United States


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In 2 years the world has changed and when there are clouds on the horizon it’s time to relaunch. reopens with a new training offer, without price increases and 3 new free channels for the dissemination of knowledge.

Milan, Italy, 31st Aug 2022, King NewsWire, As every year since 2006, September 1st coincides with the restart of the activities and the news of the offer. After two years and more of a pandemic, an economic crisis that is raging linked to expensive energy and the generalized increase in prices, in we have decided not to be discouraged and to focus on positive thinking while remaining faithful to our idea that training and knowledge must be accessible to everyone, here’s why:

  • The courses in the 2022/2023 catalog will not undergo price increases,
  • Exams for certification of acquired skills will be offered free of charge,
  • We have created 3 new free information channels dedicated to work and knowledge that complement the blog of the main.

But what are the new channels and what do they deal with? The three new channels are:


We have invested in the dissemination of knowledge: Why?


Culture and knowledge are the lifeblood of a vibrant society, mastering it is a turning point for every individual. In addition to its intrinsic value, culture offers important social and economic benefits. As learning improves, culture improves the quality of our life and increases general well-being for both individuals and the community.

Economic opportunities are created and multiplied if there is widespread knowledge in the company, this has acquired greater importance as economies move from the industrial model, and work based on physical work, to a new model in which knowledge and creativity they drive productivity and growth.

Knowledge-based economies foster ideas to stimulate innovation and develop specialized services and highly customized products to create value. Information, technology and learning are fundamental to the performance of companies and those who work there.

Having dealt with lifelong lerning for years with the three new channels, and the channel, says Dr. Rosalba Fiore, we are responding to all the requests of our customers eager to change the their career.


Professional skills certification

With 2022 we have introduced our certification program as we are convinced that those who obtain a professional course certificate have unique opportunities to enhance their education and enhance their career.

Certificate programs are useful for students of all ages, educational levels and career stages. Long-time professionals can use online certificates to take on new roles, leverage existing skills, or demonstrate skills.

Therefore our certificates cover different disciplines and professions, they are suitable both for students, workers but also for professionals who have been working in the sector for some years.

Professional certificates unlike academic ones focus on knowledge and skills used in real work contexts. Enrolled in online courses in general who want to get started with professional certificates improve their resume by demonstrating the specific skills required by employers. For example, a working professional might obtain a personnel management certificate, which will help him apply for management roles.

Some of the key benefits of certification include:

Validation of the knowledge acquired with the study
Greater marketability of their skills
Best pay
Improvement of academic performance
Improved professional reputation
Growth of the credibility of one’s ability and character
More confidence
Respect from peers and colleagues

Media Contact


Contact Person: Fiore R.

Email: Send Email

Address 1: Via Montenapoleone 8

City: Milan

Country: Italy


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MetaGround’s First Listing at MEXC Global Exchange and Event Announcement
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Singapore, 31st Aug 2022,  MetaGround, a metaverse real estate NFT trading platform for Gangnam apartment investment announced that its cryptocurrency token named Apartment token (APT) will be first listed on MEXC global exchange.

MEXC global exchange supports 1,400 cryptocurrencies in more than 70 countries around the world and investors can trade APT/USDT in this listing.

To celebrate the first listing, MetaGround team prepared an airdrop event of 1,600 APT.

Along with the events held at the MEXC exchange, MetaGround has also planned an event that provides additional bonuses on its own. For MEXC exchange’s event, please check the link below.

More details:

If user sign up and make a deposit through the MetaGround referral link as shown below and submit their MEXC account and a copy of the deposit in the Google form, the first 50 people will get chicken coupons. Also, MetaGround team will give user an additional 10% of the deposit amount.

Listing information and Schedule

Token: Apartment Token
Token symbol: APT
Listed Markets: APT/USDT
Deposit & Withdrawal : Open
APT/USDT trading: 16:00 30th of August, 2022(UTC+9)

MEXC Event

Event Period: 16:00 29th of August — 24:00 2nd of September, 2022(UTC+9)

Event 1: Net Deposit Event — 540 APT Prize Pool!
Users who reach a net deposit of 5 APT or more during the event period will be able to share the prize pool of 540 APT in proportion to their net deposit.

How to participate

– Create APT wallet after joining MEXC
– Make deposit to APT wallet

Event 2:

1) Signup Event — 530 APT Prize Pool!
Newly registered users can share 530 APT by completing the following tasks:

How to participate

– Register MEXC account

– Minimum trading volume of 100 USDT for APT must be achieved before the end of the event.
– Until the event ends, the balance of digital assets in the MEXC spot account must be at least 100 USDT.

*Eligible participants can receive rewards in proportion to the total transaction volume of APT.

Event 3:
APT Trader Bonus — up to 530 APT!
Users can earn 530 APT rewards by completing the following tasks:

 How to participate

– minimum trading volume of 500 USDT for APT must be achieved before the event ends.
– Until the event ends, the balance of digital assets in the MEXC spot account must be at least 500 USDT.

* Eligible participants can receive rewards in proportion to the total trading volume of APT.

MEXC Notice:

Additional event from MetaGround!
Sign up via the signup referral link:

Get an extra 10% of your deposit! Submit Google Form:

In addition, MetaGround on top of MEXC exchange is planning to list at two exchanges from this year to the first half of next year.

Media Contact


Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: Send Email

Country: Singapore


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Philip Stengel Presents
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Philip Stengel Presents Premier north west Concert production company

Philip Stengel Presents Unveils Plans For Upcoming Music Gigs

Leading concert production company, Philip Stengel Presents, announces plans for future music concerts and tours across the United States

Philip Stengel and his crew are not resting in the pursuit of delivering an amazing experience for music lovers and concertgoers in different parts of the U.S., as the entertainment entrepreneur and founder of Philip Stengel Presents, a concert promotion outfit, continues to organize amazing events nationwide. Over the past two decades, Philip Stengel Presents has steadily grown in popularity and acceptance as the go-to place for memorable music gigs.

The entertainment world has evolved tremendously over the past decades, with different stakeholders across the industry emerging to deliver an amazing experience to fans. Music has undoubtedly contributed immensely to the growth of the multi-billion-dollar entertainment market, with shows and concerts helping to bring artists closer to their fans and music lovers. However, putting together sold-out events can be daunting, to say the least. Therefore, the feats of the likes of Philip Stengel Presents are worth acknowledging as the company continues to expand its reach across the United States.

Philip Stengel Presents has worked with some of the most talented artists and biggest names in the industry, booking shows and tours nationwide. Some of the events championed by Philip Stengel Presents are Kilo’s Flex On Em’ Tour, Twisted Insane (Brain Wave) Tour, C-Dubb Hustle of the Year Tour, Summer of Sin II Tour featuring Lil Wyte and Statik G. Philip Stengel Presents has also worked with notable companies in the industry, such as Backseat Productions, Paris Theatre, Hustle Blooc Entertainment, Arro Entertainment, and a host of others to organize music shows that have remained long in the memories of attendees.

For further information about Philip Stengel Presents and upcoming events, visit –

About Philip Stengel Presents

Philip Stengel Presents was founded by Philip Stengel to deliver some of the best concert experiences to music lovers in different parts of the United States. The concert production company has stood the test of time, with over twenty years of booking shows and bringing the best music events to fans nationwide.

Media Contact

Organization: Philip Stengel Presents

Contact Person: Philip Stengel

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 1752 NW market St #4497

State: WA

City: Seattle

Country: United States


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