Auckland Multimedia Content Marketing & Digital Brand Visibility Service Updated

Traditional advertising uses a “flood” strategy, putting information about a company in front of as many people as possible. The recently expanded content authoring services offered by Media Plan take a different approach, by putting information in front of just the right people.

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Media Plan’s newlty updated service promotes engaging content about brands to online users who are already looking for a similar product or service. This strategy has several advantages over traditional advertising, including improving brands ranking in the Google search results, and increasing the number of websites that link back to their pages.

Brands do not have to create any of their own content: Media Plan’s professional writers will craft unique blogs, podcasts, videos, slideshows, infographics, and more, all filled with helpful information about their products or services. The content will all be available for clients to approve, modify, or suggest changes to, before it is available to the public.

This strategy helps clients to enhance their search rankings by boosting their brand authority. Every piece of content the service places on a high-traffic site contains a link back to the client’s pages, letting the Google search algorithm know those pages are useful, trustworthy, and relevant.

When used as a long-term strategy, Media Plan’s content marketing can help local businesses to rank near the top of the search results for even the most competitive keywords. A long-term campaign will begin by focusing on highly specific, hyper-local keywords to build a brand’s online authority, then branch out to help them rank for a wide variety of keywords, across a larger geographic area.

Media Plan’s content marketing service has been shown to help build better relationships between brands and consumers, by providing content that shoppers actually want to see. While traditional advertising is often ignored, people intentionally seek branded content to learn about new products, services, and options.

A satisfied client said, “The Safety Risk Alliance is really pleased with the new website. Visitors find it easy to navigate and contact us for safety audit advice. The monthly Media Distribution service is an excellent service to give our business regular and extensive coverage. Highly recommended.”

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