California FAFSA Application Tips 2023-2024 For High Net Worth Students Launched

College Planning Experts has launched a series of workshops and resources to help students across California save on college costs. The company’s expertise can be particularly useful to students who believe that their family’s income is too high and are discouraged to apply for federal assistance.

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Citing official statements from Federal Student Aid, College Planning Experts explained that there is no income requirement to be eligible for federal aid, which means that families with higher-than-average incomes may still be considered.

The company, however, said that the difficulty lies in accomplishing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which it describes as “long, complex, and easy to make mistakes”. “Mistakes that can literally cost you money,” it added.

One of the company’s main offerings is financial aid form preparation. This advisory service shows applicants how to report their expected family contributions correctly and ensures that the FAFSA form and CSS Profile are filled out properly and on time.

While it specializes in federal aid applications, College Planning Experts can also be tasked to find grants and scholarships from lesser-known public and private sources. “Looking for every piece of financial assistance that is out there is an important part of a successful plan for paying for college,” it explained on its website.

These services and more are discussed in greater detail in the company’s workshops and college analysis sessions, which students and parents can book at no cost.

College Planning Experts was founded by philanthropist, author, and long-time college planner Brian Safdari in 2004. Since then, Mr. Safdari and his team of certified college counselors have aided thousands of families across the country in their FAFSA applications.

Moreover, the company has been instrumental in raising over $150,000 for a number of charitable works, and Mr. Safdari has been recognized by various members of the US Congress for his efforts.

To learn more, attend a free college planning workshop now:

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