Wilmington, DE Rental Property Management: Tech-Enabled Solution Announced

The firm now offers its innovative tenant and landlord portal to clients in the wider Wilmington region, allowing for real-time communication, maintenance reporting, and electronic rental payments. Property owners also have access to the system, which offers the ability to monitor rental property performance and statistics from any location.

More details can be found at https://www.tcsmgt.com

The recent announcement follows the successful rollout of the firm’s technology in several other regions, including Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The firm states that the increased efficiency is helping to minimize overheads, allowing landlords to maximize returns on investment properties.

A combination of affordable housing prices and beach-side aesthetics makes Wilmington an attractive prospect for property investors. The city is home to several major banks, such as Bank of America, Chase, and Barclays, which support a robust and growing local economy.

TCS Property Management states that demand for both short- and long-term rental properties is increasing, and the firm’s recent update is designed to meet the needs of both local and interstate investors. The technology is integrated with an extensive preferred supplier network, allowing it to respond to maintenance issues in the shortest possible timeframe.

“We embrace old-fashioned principles of service while using state-of-the-art tools,” a company representative explained. “Residents can pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and interact with TCS team members in real time through their cell phones or any other device they may prefer. Our landlords can check the performance of their property directly from their owner portal at any time.”

For additional information please see: https://www.tcsmgt.com/service-areas

About TCS Property Management

Recently listed as one of “Best Property Management Companies in Philadelphia” by expertise.com, TCS Property Management is driving change in the sector with the adoption of some of the latest technologies and tools. The firm specializes in residential services, including single-family homes, multifamily complexes, and individual rental condos.

“TCS is extremely professional and focused on the needs of property owners,” one client recently stated. “They help to minimize vacancy, increase on-time rent, and ensure we get quality tenants who take care of our properties. It’s just an all-round professional company that makes being a landlord super easy.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.tcsmgt.com/contact

TCS Property Management

107 South Second Street
Suite 300
United States

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Miami Securities Lawyer To Recover Investment Losses, Service Announced

As part of the service, the law firm offers trustworthy advice to individuals who wish to recover losses due to unscrupulous investment advice. Soreide Law Group offers in-person and Zoom consultations to make its legal services accessible to more people in Florida and beyond.

More information about Soreide Law Group is available at https://www.securitieslawyer.com/

The announcement comes in response to the growing number of securities fraud cases in the country, which increased by 40% in 2021 alone. Victims who book a consultation with Soreide Law Group can get clarity on the viability of their case and what legal strategies might be utilized should they decide to sue.

Atty. Lars Soreide, principal lawyer at the firm, says he understands the devastating effect securities fraud might have on people, especially retirees who have no other source of income. As such, he and his team use their expertise to bring cases to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the government agency that arbitrates such disputes.

The firm has extensive experience with lawsuits that involve IRA losses, overtrading, undue pressure from brokers, and lack of transparency. Atty. Soreide expounds that 9 out of 10 cases Soreide Law Group represents result in monetary recovery for investors. The firm has won cases against many of the top brokerages on Wall Street, who collectively have paid millions of dollars in settlements.

Soreide Law Group advances all upfront costs, collecting a fee only when a client gets a payout.

The law firm assures clients that they will transact directly with attorneys, instead of paralegals. Through its Zoom consultations, it can also counsel clients in all 50 states.

Atty. Soreide says: “Securities fraud is a serious crime that can have drastic consequences for victims. I am committed to helping you recover your lost money and hold the wrongdoers accountable. With our expertise and track record, we will do everything in our power to give you the justice you deserve.”

Interested parties may visit https://www.securitieslawyer.com/ to book a consultation with the legal practice.

Soreide Law Group

2401 East Atlantic Boulevard
Suite 305
United States

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Long-Staple Floss For Heavier Punch-Needle & Crazy Quilting Projects Launched

The thread maker’s new heavier floss comes available in 6-ply floss skeins, which have been innovatively designed to be threaded directly onto a punch needle, without needing to be pre-cut or separated from the skein. Valdani has long been considered one of the pioneers in the North American punch-needling and crazy quilting communities, and they are committed to creating a thread that allows handicraft artisans and sewists to create their perfect project with ease.

More information is available at https://www.valdani.com/product/embroidery-and-punchneedle-floss

Valdani has also launched their heavy 6-strand floss skeins in over 300 new colors, including both solid and variegated shades. These shades can be bought separately on their website in ten-yard measures, or in sample pack style collections that highlight different color palettes.

As with the other cotton threads they manufacture, Valdani’s 6-ply floss has been crafted with 100% long-staple organic Egyptian perle cotton. As they spin all their threads by hand in their boutique Canadian factory, they also hand-dye their threads and flosses.

This means that each one of their solid and variegated colors is completely colorfast, and guaranteed to keep its rich depth and subtle nuances for as long as the project it has been stitched into lasts.

As Barbie pink fever takes over the world this month, Valdani is also showcasing their selection of distinctive solid pink 6-ply floss hues, including their slightly less pastel and more punchy Baby Pink, their vivid and bright Electric Pink, and their soft and nostalgic Dusty Rose. Also new are their variegated summer-inspired Strawberry Cream and Raspberry flosses.

In addition to their 6-strand floss skeins, Valdani continues to retail their popular 3-strand floss balls, which can also be threaded directly onto a punch needle and used without pre-cutting. Valdani’s 3-ply floss can also be easily separated into separate strands for sewists and craft artisans who want to create finer and more delicate looks.

Valdani’s full collection can be found online and in popular sewing and crafting stores across North America.

A spokesperson for the popular sewing thread makers said, “Our 6-strand floss skeins come in over 300 beautiful hand-dyed variegated and hand-dyed solid colors and showcase subtle shades and unique multicolors. We believe they offer a rich palette for all punch-needlers, crazy quilters, cross-stitchers and thread-embellishment enthusiasts.”

Interested readers can find out more at https://www.valdani.com/

Valdani Inc

3551 199 Street Northwest


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West Meade Financial Planners: Wealth Management, Retirement Solutions Announced

Goldstone Financial Group has announced its newly specialized financial planning services for clients 35 years or older in West Meade. Called a “Financial GPS” the firm’s services cover wealth management, short and long-term Investment, and tax advantages that build and preserve wealth for a worry-free retirement.

More information is available at https://www.goldstonefinancialgroup.com

An independent financial advisory and fiduciary, Goldstone Financial Group has a legal and moral obligation to put its clients’ financial interests and needs first. The team works to provide strategies and solutions that combine all facets of wealth-building and retirement planning based on their clients’ individual goals. A specialized team of financial planners is now in place at the firm’s Nashville office to help clients across the West Meade neighborhood formalize a custom, comprehensive financial strategy that aligns with their time horizon and retirement aspirations.

“These days it can feel like everyone’s the next financial “expert.” Everyone seems to know what’s going to happen in the financial world but the truth is, nobody can predict the future,” says Anthony Pellegrino, founder and CEO of Goldstone Financial Group. “Without the dynamic tools, rules, and best practices that come with proper financial planning, it’s impossible to protect against what the economy has in store.”

Industry statistics reveal only 23 percent of Americans have a written retirement plan while just under 40 percent say they haven’t put any thought into these types of savings and investment strategies. The financial planners at Goldstone Financial Group say more needs to be done to help Americans build and protect their wealth so they can achieve retirement security.

Goldstone works closely with their clients to understand their short and long-term lifestyle and financial goals so they can build a robust and diverse portfolio that aligns with their time horizon, risk tolerance, and unique financial considerations.

Services also include budget planning that helps reduce an individual’s current expense pressures and a tax plan that takes advantage of tax deductions, tax-deferred investments, and other legal tax reduction strategies to minimize this burden.

The financial advisory team at Goldstone views it as their responsibility to thoroughly understand their clients’ goals and dreams so they can leverage their experience and knowledge to make these dreams a reality.

A long-time client says, “Goldstone has been outstanding in helping us plan for our retirement. We have a yearly review that helps us make adjustments to our financial plan if necessary, and the staff is very friendly, helpful, and professional.”

Learn more at https://www.goldstonefinancialgroup.com/contact-us

Goldstone Financial Group
[email protected]
18W140 Butterfield Road
16th Floor
United States

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Franklin TN 401(k) Planning Advisor: Retirement Income Consulting Service Update

With the average US pension payout hovering around $10,000 annually, 401(k) plans have emerged as a central retirement solution for most Americans. Considering the critical role a well-managed 401(k) plays in helping secure a stable retirement income, Goldstone Financial Group in Franklin offers newly expanded services that provide individuals with the latest tools for maximizing these accounts.

More information is available at https://www.goldstonefinancialgroup.com

Goldstone Financial Group aims to make holistic investment and retirement advice accessible to individuals who want a better understanding of their employer-sponsored retirement accounts and the best ways to contribute to the wealth-building power of their 401(k)s.

“Our retirement income planning services consider all sources of income to create a reliable income stream,” says a spokesperson for Goldstone Financial. “Individual retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k) plans, are essential sources of income that can be maximized with the right advice. We’re here to provide that guidance.”

Goldstone Financial Group, as a fiduciary firm, works in the best interests of their clients. They provide the professional advice clients need to select the allocation of investments that best align with their goals. Their advice and retirement planning services take into consideration all their clients’ assets, not just the accounts they manage.

A well-guided plan can incorporate a 401(k) balance with other investments to create an overall retirement plan. For example, if certain investments in a client’s 401(k) plan are performing well while others are not, Goldstone can help their clients utilize their 401(k)s for strong-performing funds and set up an IRA and other investment vehicles to complete a preferred allocation with the most suitable funds. They also help maximize their clients’ tax benefits by guiding their 401(k) contributions and strategizing withdrawals in accordance with time horizons.

“With our newly expanded services, we are in a better position to help our clients make the most of their 401(k)s for a well-supported, worry-free retirement,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Learn more at https://www.goldstonefinancialgroup.com/contact-us

Goldstone Financial Group
[email protected]
18W140 Butterfield Road
16th Floor
United States

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Thompson’s Station Financial Planning For Wealth Management, Service Update

Goldstone Financial Group believes that financial planning and wealth management are the cornerstones of a prosperous and happy life. However, with inflation, tumultuous market conditions, and rising taxes now commonplace, they believe that achieving this kind of prosperity is now almost impossible without expert financial advice. That’s why the fiduciary advisors have created their Financial GPS service. Tailored specifically for working adults over the age of 35 who lack a comprehensive financial plan, Goldstone’s Financial GPS focuses on long-term wealth safety and security.

More information is available at https://goldstonefinancialgroup.com/

As individuals progress through their careers and approach midlife, securing their financial future becomes increasingly vital. However, many hardworking adults find themselves without a clear financial roadmap or comprehensive strategy to achieve their long-term financial goals – according to CNBC, 33% of working adults currently have no financial plan at all. To address this critical gap in the market, Goldstone Financial Group has introduced the Financial GPS wealth management service.

Their Financial GPS service starts with an in-depth consultation with one of Goldstone’s experienced financial advisors. During this initial meeting, clients will have the opportunity to discuss their current financial situation, goals, and aspirations. The expert team at Goldstone will then conduct a thorough analysis to identify potential risks, opportunities, and areas for improvement; especially with regard to income and expenditure.

Based on this personalized assessment, Goldstone Financial Group will craft a comprehensive, tailor-made financial plan – or GPS map – designed to safeguard and grow the client’s wealth over the long term. The plan will take into account various wealth management essentials, such as retirement planning, investment strategies, tax optimization, estate planning, and more.

Goldstone’s Financial GPS service also includes ongoing support and regular reassessments to adapt to changes in the client’s life, financial goals, or market conditions. This dynamic approach ensures that the financial plan remains an effective roadmap in all stages of the client’s life.

Goldstone Financial Group is a fast-growing financial planning firm that has branches throughout Tennessee. With all of their wealth management services, including their Financial GPS, they work hard to uphold the value of financial trust.

A spokesperson for the fiduciary advisors said, “Our experienced team at Goldstone Financial Group will work with you to create an effective financial strategy focusing on wealth management, short and long-term investment, tax advantages, and financial trust. We believe it’s important for our clients to understand everything we do because when life happens, your goals and financial needs may change.”

Goldstone Financial Group’s Financial GPS service is now available to working adults over 35 looking to secure their financial future and build a stable foundation for long-term prosperity.

Interested readers can find out more at https://goldstonefinancialgroup.com/contact-us/

Goldstone Financial Group
[email protected]
18W140 Butterfield Road
16th Floor
United States

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Eco-Friendly Candle Making Supplies: Natural Cargill Soy Wax Selection Update

The most recent additions include an all-natural range of soy waxes, an indispensable ingredient for sustainable candle making. The waxes are available in bulk, making them suitable for budget-conscious candle makers.

More information is available at https://candlewic.com/eco-friendly-candle-making/

The expansion of Candlewic’s product range comes to address a growing demand for eco-friendly ingredients as more individuals become aware of the benefits of green alternatives. With an extended selection of natural candle waxes, the company aims to inspire crafters to opt for more sustainable options, such as soy candle-making or beeswax candles.

According to an article from the University of Central Florida (UFC), studies have shown that scented candles can emit hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein. Although the levels are too low to pose a direct health threat, more research is needed to understand candles’ potential health risks fully. UFC suggests changing paraffin candles for natural waxes like soy and beeswax for those concerned about dangerous emissions.

Candlewic’s selection now features Cargill’s C-3 NatureWax for container candles, a pure soy wax known for its superior quality and environmental-friendly profile. Soy wax is a renewable resource that burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax, making it a preferred choice for crafters who prioritize sustainability.

Along with the C-3 NatureWax, Candlewic also offers natural waxes sourced from palm oil and coconuts. The store has candle supplies for different purposes, like pillar palm wax for container-free candles and an apricot coconut blend for minimal smoking and soot.

Candlewic’s broader selection extends to eco-friendly candle molds, wicks, and 100% natural fragrances for scented candles. They also provide dyes and kits for beginners.

About Candlewic

Founded in 1970, Candlewic started in a basement as a hobby. Since then, the company has grown considerably and now ships its products internationally. In addition to candle supplies, they also offer products for soap making.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Whether you’re learning how to make candles at home, diving into the world of professional candle making, or looking for local candle makers in your area, the world of candles offers a radiant glow of possibilities. It’s an age-old craft infused with modern creativity.”

Additional details can be found at https://candlewic.com/eco-friendly-candle-making/

Candle Wic
[email protected]
3765 Old Easton Road

United States

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Relationship Coach & Networking Mentor For Entrepreneurs: Group Program Updated

This newly updated group program features new tips on how to network and build an initial audience without the use of paid advertising. Jeanne’s mentorship and business coaching is intended to help those just starting out in the consulting or course selling industries find an audience, clarify their goals, and establish themselves as experts in their respective fields.

To find out more, visit https://jeanneomlor.com/reviews

Jeanne’s new program, called the Business Success Accelerator 2, includes a combination of peer support and direct one-on-one coaching to help establish the framework for future success. With Jeanne’s guidance, participants will learn to use platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with potential customers, and will practice methods for pursuing those leads without an ad budget.

Regarding the program, Jeanne said, “As a business coach for entrepreneurs, I have a track record of helping coaches, consultants, experts and service providers to grow profitable businesses in record time. No advertising costs, no time-wasting, no fluff and a frustration-free, clear pathway to getting there ASAP.”

Participants in the initial version of the program reported successes both in their personal and professional pursuits when following the model that Jeanne provides. She offers multi-faceted direction for developing an action plan while also helping her pupils develop the positive mindset of an entrepreneur.

Her tips focus on capitalizing on and celebrating successes while also learning from failures when they do occur. Participants in the program report that these tips are among the most helpful that Jeanne presents, and have allowed many participants to achieve four and five-figure incomes in their first month as a consulting professional.

Jeanne developed this program by drawing from her own experience as a business coach and entrepreneur. She won several awards and became well-known in the consulting community after she was able to build a 7-figure program over the course of a 2 year period, all without the use of traditional advertising.

Interested parties can join this program by contacting Jeanne to schedule an initial conversation. Client reviews, case studies, success stories, and more information about the program can be found at https://jeanneomlor.com/reviews

Jeanne Omlor International LLC
[email protected]

8216 Princeton Glendale Road
United States

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Chiropractic SEO & Marketing Campaigns for Patient Acquisition

The updated digital marketing service covers custom ads, content creation, and AI-automated lead nurturing campaigns designed to enhance the lead generation efforts of chiropractic clinics in the US. With its expertise, DS Marketing Enterprise builds the ideal marketing strategy to suit its client’s business goals.

More details are available at https://www.dsmarketingltd.com

The latest service is specifically tailored for chiropractors seeking to improve their marketing campaigns and exceed their current revenue targets. Employing a combination of custom promotional strategies with proven systems and automation, the agency assists clients in raising awareness of their services and generating results.

A study showed that more than 80% of people in the United States use the Internet to research healthcare providers before making an appointment. By investing in digital marketing, chiropractic clinics can reach more people who are specifically interested in chiropractic care and generate more leads.

DS Marketing Enterprise offers a range of packages to suit different needs, including a basic marketing package that covers ad campaign strategy, technical setup, and integration. As part of this package, the team provides market-specific copywriting and custom-designed ad graphics that are tailored to appeal to the client’s audience.

In addition to the basic package, the digital marketing experts also provide a premium package that includes everything in the basic package plus funnel or website creation. With this package, chiropractic clinics also receive social media posts and campaign materials to establish their brand’s digital presence and enhance its credibility.

About DS Marketing Enterprise LLC

With a team of over twenty digital marketing specialists, DS Marketing Enterprise works with chiropractic clinics across the United States to enhance their digital brand and optimize their social media presence. The agency’s proven marketing system has been pivotal in assisting brands in achieving impressive growth, with a track record of taking followers from under 1,000 to over 1 million.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “Marketing is the central nervous system of the entire market because it communicates what is necessary, eliminates chaos, and maximizes order. We are humbled to have the opportunity to bring order and tenacity to an industry crippled with incompetence, chaos, and mistrust.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://www.dsmarketing.pro

DS Marketing Enterprise
[email protected]
1118 County 472

United States

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US Established Business Coach Accelerator Program: Mentor Unveils Growth Formula

Jeanne’s newly revamped “Business Success Accelerator 2” program is designed to help participants tap into what she calls the “genius zone”, a mental flow state in which maximum potential can be achieved. The new tips included in this program focus on driving long-term growth without the use of advertising.

To learn more, visit https://jeanneomlor.com/reviews

The updated program seeks to train participants in networking methods while also encouraging a future-focused mindset. Jeanne offers a varied and comprehensive program that includes both group sessions with aspiring entrepreneurs, and one-on-one coaching via video calls with Jeanne.

This program is intended for those seeking to enter the coaching or course-selling industries, suited broadly to those looking to monetize their knowledge through various forms of consulting. Jeanne begins her program at the ground level and provides guidance as participants establish a client base and scale continuously as the 8-week program progresses.

Participants in earlier versions of the program have lauded Jeanne’s teaching style, which combines a positive outlook with a realistic and utilitarian goal-setting system. In this way, she invites beginners to enter the industry in a safe environment without fear of failure, while also providing support from both the peer group and her own coaching.

One satisfied client stated the following in their review, “If you have not tried mindset coaching, you need to. When we are no longer struggling with our personal demons, we can knock it out of the park. I was able to coach myself into a place where I truly believed in the success of my program, and my business grew every time as a result.”

The Business Success Accelerator 2 seeks to help participants clarify their initial intentions in the industry, to design offers that appeal to entry-level clients, and to utilize the latest SEO strategies to build a program that can succeed without an ad budget. She has succeeded in helping many of her clients build 4 and 5-digit programs using this method.

Jeanne developed the methods she teaches in this program over the course of an explosive consulting career which saw her managing clients on Wall Street and elsewhere. She won awards for these programs, and is now passing the methods that drove this success onto her clients in the interest of giving back.

Find out more at https://jeanneomlor.com/reviews

Jeanne Omlor International LLC
[email protected]

8216 Princeton Glendale Road
United States

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